Tony Teolis/ May 27, 2014

Resources Episode-241- Grow Radish In Three Easy Steps More about radish and other productive plants SoutherExposure.com for seeds

Episode-241- Grow Radish In Three Easy Steps

Tony Teolis/ May 26, 2014

Growing radish is an awesome return on investment plant that brings forth produce in a short amount of time. So short that it is the shortest of all the plants I grow. All it takes is for radish seeds to be planted i s good loose soil that’s watered, weeded and mulched. The Voila within 28 days you have food.

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Tony Teolis/ January 5, 2018

ORDER MICROGREENS We began growing microgreens in 2015 and we want to share an episode with you from that time. Now we’re growing microgreens for the market. Limited Time Discount for Chef’s: 15% Discount on first purchase 22032/030 zip codes only. todolisthome.com Free Delivery for all orders over $10. Related: Episode-270- Microgreens To grow At Home , Microgreens At Home Growing Begins Again

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Episode-270- Microgreens To grow At Home

Tony Teolis/ April 12, 2015

I love growing greens and eating from the yard and in the winter we grow sprouts and thought we were doing well. And we were. Until I learned about microgreens. Yes another food experiment to add to the spring preps but this project began in February and the timing was right. By the time I had seeds, growing medium. In this

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Episode-264- Backyard From Vision To Reality

Tony Teolis/ February 9, 2015

If I started over I would begin with a read of Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway. I would then map my property on a topographic map to verify surveyed contour and the ovelay my garden plans on that. The design would be a south facing U-shaped sun trap with swales on contours. I did not start that way but I

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Tony Teolis/ August 17, 2014

It is now past the middle of August and summer has played out beautifully and better than planned. I began August at the Vibes and just got back from the Peach. Lockn not far away and this is possible because of good planning around the idea of meeting people and making new friends where the best music is happening. Part

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Tony Teolis/ May 10, 2014

Wow! I have not posted ever since I wrote all those things in April I was going to do next. Well I did and I am and there’s more to do. So that’s what happens in May. There’s some cool vids of the new bees (mason and honey) being installed coming next. Apples, peach, strawberries, comfrey, rhubarb, horseradish, lavender and

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